Year in Review – 2018

2018 has been my first and only favorite year. Whenever someone asked me why I wanted to go to the US, I replied saying I want to know who I really am and when I was asked why I can’t do that in India, the answer was simple, because I wasn’t independent. Don’t take it the wrong way, I love my home but I wanted to experience adventure and a whole new lifestyle in a country where I know no one. I grew as a person and realized a piece of who I want to be.

At the end of 2017, my cousin encouraged me to go out and experience (International) student life so I started attending social events in the college. By the end of January, I befriended a girl from France and took her out to movies, games, gifted her stuff and even gave her my basketball ticket! I asked her to be my valentine on Valentine’s day and she declined gracefully. I would’ve been hurt if I really meant it but I didn’t, I only wanted to know if I had the guts. I never asked her out after that and only smiled when we passed each other. She left to France in May (as she was only here for a semester abroad program).

I also applied for around 200 internship programs. My first interview was with Google, my dream company, which I bombed. I interviewed with Twitter and this time I thought I’d really get it as I thought I did well. I also interviewed with Nokia, which went well but I got a reject and I think this is because I don’t have a computer network profile. I thought I’d never get an internship but to my surprise, I got into an internship with a startup company in Durham that only wanted Bachelor students with citizenship and I still applied. They paid me a salary that is very less for software internships and I had to travel around 3 hours every day by bus but I’m grateful because no one ever respected me more than my manager there. They went on to give me a co-op opportunity which I accepted later in the Fall but it only lasted for a few days.

I had the best time in Summer. I did all kind of can’t-tak-about-em things with a friend I made here at State. This was also my Tinder-phase but I quit after summer when I came to know what kind of men Tinder women really want when my friend made a fake celebrity account (well that, and there was a little bit of racism involved). I didn’t really work on any of my Fall classes, this is because I started preparing for my full-time interviews. I only realized this after one of my friends made me realize that not even a pro can code without practice. I coded almost for 2 complete months and finally took a break in December as I got a good offer from a nearby company. I code little nowadays as I still have interviews with bigger companies. I also attended a lot of social events in the semester and made a good French friend, again! I gained a little more confidence now that I’m social.

I’m really free of any anxiety now because of two reasons. First, because I have a job offer now, I can spend the rest of my time at school getting involved in the community and having fun. Second, my brother’s getting married in February and I’m going to India for this. I’m happy that he’s ending up with someone who understands him mentally and not superficially. I’m also really happy that he’s working where he always wanted to and my dad’s doing what he wanted to do after retirement (he opened a Yoga center and it’s flourishing to our surprise), and ofc, my mom is happy in lending a helping hand to my dad. I also bought my first Apple Watch (Series 4) a week ago and I pretty much think it’s not worth the cost.

So, I was able to make few friends and I want to make many more. I want to workout (again) and get fit despite my arm problems. I want to get my dream job and I want to bring my family here for a vacation. And I’m really excited for my brother and the India trip.

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