Top 10 anime series

This post lists my favorite top 10 anime series. (Do not get confused with the on-going series, this list is a set of completed series).
The rating were based on the following priorities:
1. Story
2. Depiction (Animation, Roles of characters)
3. BGM
NOTE: The ratings were based on personal opinion. I may not have watched series better than these and if I do, the list will be updated. If you feel anything is inappropriate, leave them in the comments below.

Support Credits : Sai Sreekar Kambhapu

1. Your name (2016)
Though the plot can neither be understood nor explained, this film will remain a visual masterpiece. Emotional BGM and climax will leave you in tears.


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2. Parasyte (2015)
Despite being under-rated, this anime takes you through an mellifluous emotional roller-coaster.


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3. Mirai Nikki (2011)
This is an anime that really messes up your brain. Filled with intense violence and thrills, this anime will make you remember it for the rest of your life.
4. FMA: Brotherhood (2010)
A better and modified remake of the older version, this anime is critiqued to remain a classic. Despite the slow progress of the story, the series tried its best to not lose its viewers.


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5. Death Note (2007)
Everyone knows this name. Even people who don't know what an anime is. DeathNote depicts brilliance of intelligent but conflicting minds. Avoid watching the live-action movie.


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6. Hunter x Hunter (2011)
A remake and addition to the old HxH, this series illustrates the story of a boy's hunt for his dad. Numerously OP villains coupled with intense fight scenes and strategy makes you wanting more.


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8. Steins;Gate (2009)
How does changing the past affect the future? How can you undo the consequences? are the questions this anime solves. Slow and fun for a one-time watch.


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7. Code Geass (2007)
The anime which progresses as sluggishly as possible but known for its epic ending, Code Geass is a perfect suspense series which will leave you wondering why you hadn't watched it all along.


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9. Seven Deadly Sins (2014)
Filled with action, comedy and adventure, this anime brings a lot into one plate. The series may not have a second season.


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10. Btooom! (2012)
A real life game to be played only with grenades which has to be won by killing all the other players. Fun for a one-time watch.
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