Top 10 ongoing anime

I could’ve made a top 10 list in IMDB but then I can’t give my views. So, here you go.

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1. Attack on Titan (2013)
This 25-episode thriller is a perfect blend of action, adventure and suspense which you cannot miss. Season 2 set for release in 2017.


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2. My Hero Academy (2016)
Packed with a lot of fun, this anime shows you what a hero stands for. Oh! and the strokes in the drawings are thicker than your life.


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3. Sword Art Online (2012)
Intense action-romance anime which depicts the life of a gamer stuck in the game world. Later, the plot is adopted by many other anime.
4. One Punch Man (2016)
An unsung story of a hero who kills his enemies with a single punch. And, he obtained such a power by pure physical workout. S2 set for release in 2017 is one of the most awaited.
5. Erased (2016)
Have you ever thought how the world would be if you have made different decisions in your life? With a beautiful plot, this anime topped many ranking charts.
6. Re: Zero (2016)
Dropped in a game world, the protagonist strives to save the woman he loves, knowing that he can reset to the game's checkpoints on his death.


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7. No Game No Life (2014)
Hard-core gamer siblings, one good at solving and other at aiming, are thrown to survive in a game world ruled by god. No one ever knows if there'll be a S2.


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8. DanMachi (2015)
I like to call this SAO in a dungeon. A romantic-action thriller that puts you at the edge of your seat. Don't let the critic reviews stop you from watching this series.


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9. Mob Psycho 100 (2016)
From the creator of One Punch Man comes a funny non-OP anime with a serious story. This quick series makes you wait for the next season.


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10. Dragon Ball Super (2015)
Finally, I've included a long anime because it carries on the legacy of its predecessor DBZ. The plot's great but the drawings can be better.


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