The New Year Resolution

What better a way to start the year than taking up new resolutions? So, I decided to do many things. I’ll let the fate decide their outcomes.

I stopped writing diary long ago. I need to start noting down my memories somewhere. Where will it be? You guessed it right. You’re reading it. I deleted those empty blogs I created for fun when I was a kid and started this new one. Now what do I name it? Don’t read the url(previously, damn you! You’ll know how I got there by the end of this post.

I have been a gamer all my life. We all have been. It’s time I stepped up to a newer level. Yes, I’m talking ’bout developing a game. I downloaded the Unity IDE, learnt some Maya and Photoshop basics. All that is left is innovation and implementation. The only thing that struck my mind is MOBA.

I couldn’t have filled up the “achievements section” in resume if I didn’t do what I’ve done last month. Although my coding lessons started 2 years ago, I haven’t had the slightest idea of what a coding contest does to people. It makes us sad to know that we’re not competitive enough. But, lets you think out of the box. ACM ICPC. Have you heard of this before? I too haven’t until I participated in it without even knowing what it abbreviates for. I’ve always been with a group of two good mates which was all the contest requested of us. I don’t know how we made it to the Regionals, but we did. I better write this as another story. But now, all I want to say is that I’m going to do this again, no more blind luck, but practice.

When I was asked who I’d become when I grew up, my answer would always vary. But later I decided to find an answer and I did – Everything as possible. I code, game, blog and what next? Didn’t you guess Senpai? I started to train, to build up my physique. The two sessions had been nauseous. Gym’s closed today and I can’t feel my arms anymore.

Getting placed in a MNC became easier than it had been. What’s more difficult is getting an internship. The college provides us with one(or so I thought) in the final year but if you want to have a better profile, you need to fetch one early. Companies insist on their timings and college won’t let you out.

Building a career involves making tough decisions. I decided to work on getting selected at universities abroad, predominantly The US and A. All one has to do is blame the quality of education of universities in their country and work the companies provide. Money is all that makes you happy, for now. GRE, TOEFL IELTS and consultancy, to help yourselves gtfo.

I’ll write about my success, or just brag ’bout the changes. I know I’ve stepped up. Have you?

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