The Downfall

*Why do we fall down? *

The fall doesn’t really cost you anything unless it rips you of something permanently. I always thought losing doesn’t matter as it only makes you learn. You become cold hearted once you start getting defeated frequently. In my case, the losses weren’t enormous but they were permanent.

It all started six years ago, I was an ideal student of my school. All the eyes looked up on me because I was going to do it; top the Boards. I was prepared. Intensive Coaching they called it. My phone started ringing. A voice cried “Results are out! You did great. Ninety four”. I was appalled. I was nowhere near the top charts. One-by-one the same eyes started turning away as they stood higher than me.

Time healed me mentally. It was the most important stage of our typical countrymen. The mighty ones which can hurl you into the ‘happy ending’ path; the IITs. As more than a million people competing to get into it, I stood, failing, like the most of them. I desperately started rolling my dice of life into the others but the doors closed on me. I wasn’t ‘THE ONE’ my family concluded.

I had always possessed the gamer’s reflexes. I just wasn’t able to find myself a good team. Although my brother was a better player, he lacked the strategy. The day finally came where I had to show everything I’ve ever worked for. If I win, a new future awaits me. If I lose, there’s always another tournament. I was prepared, never like before. Team Blank, we called ourselves. The day ended up with me being the top fragger and the team losing. We lacked coordination. We disbanded.

At-least ending up in a neighboring private school was a piece of cake. Aging brought me determination. I did everything I could to keep myself happy. Good result was a positive response, but the nature didn’t stop testing me. The grades dropped so low that I can see those eyes again, just the new ones. The thoughts became unstable. I know there’s always something better ahead. A week later, I started writing the resolutions for the new year.

*So we can learn to pick ourselves up*

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