1. Is my GRE score good enough?
A. Anything above 150 for Verbal and 165 for Quant is awesome and can get you an admission in the top 50s. A ‘-5’ deviation to each of the above scores may get you into the top 100s.

2. What is the maximum GRE cut-off score for a top class university?
A. Depends on the program and can be found on the university website. From my experience, I haven’t known any program requiring more than 165 in Quant, 155 in Verbal and a 4.0 in AWA for an Engineering Masters course.

3. Should you retake GRE?
A. Unless you score less than 145 in Verbal and less than 160 in Quant, No.

4. Should you retake TOEFL?
A. Unless you score less than a 100, No. Although there are section-wise cutoffs for some programs, a 100+ overall, with a HIGH in each score level is desired.

5. When should I retake my exam?
A. You’ll need a minimum of one month preparation to retake. If you can do this before November begins (for Fall applicants), you’ll make it.

6. Do these scores have any significance once you get in?
A. Not really, but I heard that some universities have a cut-off score for assistantship applications.

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