Congratulations! You have literally overcome the hardest phases of the procedure. What’s next? Applying to your dream universities. But first, lets look at how good or bad your scores are.

1. How bad is your GRE score?
A. There is no “good” score for GRE except a perfect 340 which is not as easy as it seems. So, anything above 150 for Verbal and 165 for Quant is awesome and will secure you an admission in the top 50s. A “-5” to each of the above scores will secure you an admission in the top 100s. Why so much difference between those two? Because there are too many of us applicants.

2. What is a perfect cut-off GRE score for Masters?
A. This answer may seem controversial but from my experience, I’d argue that 170 in Quant, 153+ in Verbal and a 4.0+ AWA is the perfect cut-off. This fact is based on the opinion that not many top class universities require a higher cut-off.

3. How bad is your TOEFL score?
A. Anything less than a 100. Although there are section-wise cutoffs for some universities, a 100 overall is required to consider your application (Again, my personal opinion). Achieving a HIGH in each score level is desired.

4. Should you retake GRE?
A. Unless you score less than 145 in Verbal and less than 160 in Quant, No.

5. Should you retake TOEFL?
A. Unless you score less than a 100, No.

6. Are these scores important after you get admitted?
A. Yes. TOEFL is useful to get you a TA (Teaching Assistant).

7. Do you have the necessary time to retake?
A. You’ll need a minimum of one month preparation to retake. If you can do this before November begins (for Fall applicants), you’ll make it. I didn’t retake any of my exams and if I would have, then I probably won’t have applied for this Fall semester.

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