My F1-Visa Process

A month before I scheduled my appointment, I visited a VISA consultant. My dad and I lost all hope and we thought of quitting when we heard what he said. He insisted us to show 2 times the I20 amount, out of which 2/3rds must be in the bank and the remaining can be taken as loan and if not, my VISA has a zero chance of approval. The I20 amount was around 51k$ which meant that 45L has to be shown in bank. Its impossible for us as the maximum we can accumulate is 20. It was all over until some others suggested that NC State is a good university and that the VO doesn’t care much about the funds once he checks the university name.

My dad and I decided to proceed further. We borrowed a 40L secured loan from Credila with our house as collateral. I scheduled my appointment on May The 30th, filled forms and paid dollars. My dad took care of the bank statements and we visited a CE for property evaluation and a CA for tabulating and summing the funds up. I bought a suitcase file, labeled each row properly and arranged my docs. Shaved for the OFC day and made my dad stand baking in the sun in a long queue before I took over to give my fingerprints and not look like an idiot for the photograph.

I’ve practiced the whole week to speak fluently, and read some sample answers. Bought a formal shirt the day before and ironed it. Finally, its the day of the interview but whats this? My voice is gone. Cold and sore fkin’ throat. Gulped two Nivaran packets and headed to the consulate. Guards there didn’t allow my dad to go in with me and so, I went in alone.

I sat at the waiting area where I spoke to a student like me and its a big relief as the consulate is flooded with old people with their families. He told me not to lose my passport once I go to US as he is attending this interview for the same reason. He already completed his first year at California State University. The last year he attended, there was a huge queue at the entrance and it took him an hour to come in whereas now, it took him half a second; the orange man’s effect. He looked at the persons going out of the consulate and estimated their outcome. I was dumbfounded to know that if any person was handed a pink/green paper, their Visa is rejected. I stood in the inner queue, verified my finger prints and 40 minutes later, went to the panel. The VO officer was in her mid 30’s. She rejected visa for an old man before me. I was nervous but I kept my composure.

“Good Morning …”, she didn’t let me greet and she already asked me a question.

I only heard “…graduate?”, I thought I should hand over my transcripts but she shouted “Just answer my question” and repeated “When did you graduate?”

“This month”

“That’s great.”


VO: What was your undergrad major? 

Me: Computer Science.

VO: GRE score?
Me: Three-One-Seven.

VO: How many schools have you applied to?
Me: Seven.

VO: What does your father do?
Me: He’s retired recently from HMT Ltd as an AGM…… (Interrupted)

“I don’t understand. Is he in Govt. Service?”


VO: If he’s retired, how are you going to fund your education?
Me: Education loan and savings.

VO: How much is your loan sanctioned for?
Me: 40L

VO: Which bank?
Me: HDFC Credila (She didn’t get me. “What bank?” “Credila HDFC” “Oh, Credila.Okay”)

VO: What are your savings?
Me: 31L

“Your Visa has been issued. Study well. Bye-bye!”

Didn’t get her at first. After 5 sec, “Thank you ma’am, have a good day”

The interview lasted for 30 sec. Came out and told my dad. He’s glad. Random strangers around also congratulated me.

“Whew! Scr*w you visa adviser, I got my visa! Here I come, USA!”