My Universities

Immediately after receiving my TOEFL score, I started listing down all the universities that are in my marks range. Usually the range starts or ends with a number divisible by 10. Like 310-315 or 316-320 and so on. My score was decent so I made a really large list of schools but eliminated one by one based on several factors.

My first choice was Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech). The reason for this is my cousin studied there and I too wanted to get in. My second choice was TAMU, CS. Texas A&M was one of the most popular schools in the marks range 315-320. Not many people applied to PennState and I thought there was a fair chance of an admit. NorthWestern was popular but the programs offered were not so great and so, another fair chance. But I had to eliminate all of these options except GaTech as TAMU became more popular and all of the 330 guys were the applicants and so is the PennState. The acceptance rate was very low for Penn and I didn’t want to waste my money. Northwestern, as I was told, could cost as much as a Crore. I just couldn’t bring myself to eliminate GaTech from the list. I had the tiniest hope that it may accept me. USC was in my mind for a short amount of time before I decided to apply only for the public schools. I also considered applying for UFL but many schools are from the same USNews ranking range.

So here’s how I shortlisted using the Yocket, Edulix and EdxEngine services, along with the opinions of many consultants.

  1. My best bet was GaTech. It was Highly Ambitious for my profile. (Yocket-VeryAmbi, Edulix-Safe EdxEngine-Ambi)
  2. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. It was Ambitious for my profile. (Yocket-Ambi, Edulix-Mod EdxEngine-Ambi)
  3. NC State University, Raleigh. It was Moderate for my profile. (Yocket-Ambi, Edulix-Mod EdxEngine-Safe)
  4. Stony Brooks University. It was Moderate for my profile. (Yocket-Ambi, Edulix-Safe EdxEngine-Safe)
  5. University of Utah. It was Safe for my profile. (Yocket-Safe, Edulix-Safe EdxEngine-Mod)
  6. Arizona State University. It was Safe for my profile. (Yocket-Safe, Edulix-Safe EdxEngine-Safe)
  7. Texas Tech University. Chose this only because my friend’s brother has got internship at Apple Inc. It was Very Safe for my profile.

I was happy with my choices – trading UFL for Stony Brooks, USC for GaTech and PennState/TAMU for NCSU.