My TOEFL Experience

Who knows taking a week off after GRE is a mistake? Although my friends and seniors suggested that TOEFL needs no coaching, I’ve already paid for the coaching center along with GRE long back. Left with no choice, I started attending the coaching only to quit in the next two days. The reason was that a consultant suggested me to quit coaching and take the exam the following week (as she believed there was no time to spare for applications). One of my friends suggested me to go through the Notefull website and boy was it helpful! I spent one week to watch the videos, twice, and make notes. I booked my slot when I felt comfortable with the pattern and spent the following week applying the concepts to the solve the problems.

There was literally no free way to test my speaking and writing scores. I’ve used the recorder app and noted down where my vocabulary was off. My friends who gave the exam in the same week warned me that the people besides them yelled into their mics and so, they didn’t do very well. So, I put on some loud music while I practiced speaking. Although the semester exams are two days after the TOEFL, I had my composure as I was sure of my multi-tasking talent. The day finally came and it was the same test center (as that of GRE).

The reading and listening sections felt very easy. I messed up the speaking section and I thought I won’t be able to score above 18. Writing went good. I received the score after two weeks and was surprised to see a 23 in speaking and speaking of karma, its 24 in writing. I was satisfied but not overjoyed for the 104 with 30 in reading and 27 in listening.

After the following week, I started preparing my applications.