TCS On-Campus

COLLEGE : VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad

DATE : 02 Sep 2016 – 03 Sep 2016


Assistant System Engineer-Trainee


Students academic percentage < 80 (700 students) - Online test (Aptitude, Logical, Quantitative and e-mail writing) Students academic percentage > 80 (200 students) –
Online test (e-mail writing)

Students below 1000 rank in CodeVita round 1 –
No first round

Total shortlisted students for second round : 566


I was interviewed for 8 minutes. There were 2 interviewers of which one of them was asking general questions and the other one, technical.

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. What are the languages you love the most? (I said C++, Java and C#)
3. Explain OOPS concepts.
4. Explain about your project. (Mine was a 2D game)
5. What is a data structure abstraction? (I said I don’t know)
6. What are the levels of abstraction in databases?
7. Do you have any questions for me? (I asked him if there was going to be a game/VR development branch in the company)

He seemed pretty impressed.

Questions others were asked:

1. SQL UPDATE/ALTER queries. (Students who’ve done projects on databases)
2. Software Testing (Students who attempted TCS Testimony)
4. Logical questions (Students who said they have good logical skills as their strength)

Total shortlisted students for third round: 420


I was interviewed for around 10 minutes by an experienced lady HR.

1. Are you willing to work anywhere in India? (Yes)
2. Specify any place except Hyderabad where you’re willing to work and why. (I replied Chennai and gave a pretty good reason)
3. Do you know Tamil?
4. Tell me about your family. (I told her that my brother inspires me)
5. How do your brother inspire you? (He’s a software engineer)
6. Why work in TCS when you can work alongside your brother in his company?
7. I see you’re good at your academics. Why don’t you pursue higher studies?
8. Tell me two good reasons why I should hire you.
9. If you’re selected in TCS, what are the two things you’ll do today?
10. If you’re not selected in TCS, how will you take it?
11. How were the interviewers in the last round?

She smiled and said you’ll know if you’re going to work with us once you go out.

Selected students: 208

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