Riktam Technologies

DATE : Jun 2016

LOCATION : Ameerpet, Hyderabad

ROLE : Application Development Intern

STIPEND : INR 3,000 (3 weeks)

WEBSITE : http://www.riktamtech.com/


It was my first professional internship. The location is a bit far from where I stay so I had to take a bus everyday for 45 days (I think I was absent for a day or two).

They rented two floors of the ‘Wings’ building beside SBI, Srinagar colony branch. It’s been established for more than 10 years now. They have a community in the US where they get projects from (as told by an employee). It has about 50 staff, the majority being application developers and the rest, web. They have a pretty good technical infrastructure (unlike my college computers).

The company selected 11 students from 60+ belonging to various colleges across Hyderabad (They conducted a series of paper-based coding tests for this purpose). Only 9 of them stayed for the entire course. We were assigned a Senior Technical Lead as our guide. For the first three days, we coded on the HackerRank platform as he said he needed some time to assign projects. We had the freedom to choose one from various web and app development projects and most of us ended up taking app development. My task was to build an Expense Sharer app using Android Studio (I had never used it before). I learnt the Android platform for a week using YouTube lectures and the spent the following weeks developing. I was constantly guided and had to change the application structure, multiple times as per his requirement. The project ended well and we were awarded a cert and stipend. One of those days, they also organized a lunch buffet.

We were also notified of the opportunity to attend their interview.


Learning environment – fun activities – Constant guidance – Work per user needs.

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