It was a sunny day and I left early in the afternoon from college. I was walking to the vehicle parking zone along with a friend. A girl was walking in front of us but not so close.

My friend whispered ‘Great back. I wonder how the front will be’.

She heard him. We knew that when she looked back at us.

‘We’re done for!’ we thought.

Surprisingly, she smiled. And got going.

She’s pretty and her smile was pleasant.

What was the smile for? Moreover, whom was she smiling at?
‘I think she smiled at me’, he said.
‘I don’t think so. I think it’s for me.’
‘We’ll follow her and let’s find out.’

We followed her to the parking zone where she stood still. We don’t want her to know that we’re following her. So, we got up the stairs to the parking zone. We looked at her from the top.

She saw us again. She seemed like she was waiting for someone else. After looking at us a couple more times, she got moving.

I took my bike and raced towards the exit and stopped before the gate as she walked past us. After she got out and when we’re still waiting for her to look back at us, she looked back.

This time we were unsure if she had a smile on her face.

“This is where we stop. Let’s not do something that makes her uncomfortable.”, we thought.
That was the final time our paths crossed.
“I wonder what it would’ve been like if we followed her”, we thought. We had a laugh.

To this day, the question of who she smiled at remains enigmatic.

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