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It’s been an year I’ve started this blog. This is a self-analysis of my post ‘The New Year Resolution’.

One biggest achievement was that I developed a game, finally. And no, it’s not an MOBA but a platformer. Even though it’s done as a part of the academic project, my long-yearning wish is fulfilled. For the game to be ‘complete’ from every aspect, I’ve uploaded it to the PlayStore, added achievements and leaderboards. Building this game from scratch hadn’t been successful – I had to get the commercially free sprite sheets and music. Anyways, it is complete in a ‘programmers perspective’.

My wish to be versatile, at least in my field was partially fulfilled. I’ve been a Game developer, Application developer, and Web developer. For this purpose, I’ve done two internships and although I haven’t done any of ’em in top MNCs, I’ve learned how to work. I’ve built a website module and an Android app in those short-time internships. I’ve later realized that these two weren’t much for a worthy accomplishment. Programming skills haven’t drastically improved but I’m getting a hang of it. This year, my team wasn’t able to get selected for the ACM ICPC Regionals even though we overcame our eternal enemy (solving only one) and solved two. But anyways, I have more important goals than this.

The year was too stressful – I had to deal with rejections from Microsoft, Amazon, JP Morgan Chase and Deloitte. Even though I got selected in TCS and MAQSoftware, the hole in the heart was left open. I had to convince myself that those who got selected for Microsoft must work as consultants and not as developers, and that Amazon internship is unworthy if it’s not a SDE. I’ve learned to improve my composure. Constant thoughts about my future established roots for my wish to study in the US. I’ve scored above the required cut-offs in GRE and TOEFL for the universities ranking below 50 and I’ve applied for about 7 universities early in December. The last months of the year were spent researching the universities, and writing SOPs and LORs.

Although I had little part in making my family happy, everyone’s so happy despite the things that happened. My father had to retire at the age of 58 as an Assistant General Manager(AGM) on 20-Nov-16 after working for about 38 years in Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd. My brother succeeded in every interview (about 4 – UHG, Cognizant, Accenture, Zensar) he gave this year. For every interview he attended, he demanded more package and finally settled for Zensar Technologies which offered him a package of 8.5 LPA. Also, I took my family for their first ever dinner buffet.

The year was quite messy but the journey was great. I’ve learned new technologies, done new projects, achieved many goals and took a small step in understanding how the world works.

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