I’m Srikar, a self-researcher. I was born to a middle class family in Hyderabad which is one of the biggest metropolitan cities in India. I studied in a local school named ‘The Indo English High School’ aka ‘MNR’ with a good reputation. School was fun because I was always one of the toppers. As long as I remember, Karate was the only sport I practiced there. I took no tuitions and studied very little, but I always completed my homeworks. Maybe it was my quick grasping ability that helped me a lot in securing good grades or my typography. I was awarded twice for being the best junior level karateka, for the best science experiment (Evolution of Hydrogen practically with glass utensils and stuff) at school level and a cash prize for being the student of the year. To my disappointment, I was not able to top the SSC exam (10th class’ final exam).

I have an older brother who I think is a clone of the ‘ best brother ‘ anyone can describe. We started gaming together when I was 8 yr old and he, 11. From consoles to PC, we played together and we were the pros. Though he wasn’t very good at his studies, he excelled with the computer. He handled servers, earned money online and built websites when he was 15 yr old and I still can’t do them to this day. Even now, we watch gaming tournaments together and smile at the growing popularity of e-sports.

I’ve completed my Intermediate in Math, Physics and Chemistry at Narayana Jr. College. It’s weird that I don’t even have a single memorable day of this period. I messed things up and I knew it when I wasn’t able to get into IITs or NITs. I got into a decent college named ‘VNR’ for pursuing my Bachelor degree in Computer Science. 2015 was a memorable year for me when I realized I’m getting better in the field. I was selected to attend the regional of ACM ICPC which was considered the father of programming competitions in the world, along with my team. The trip turned out to be a great experience and had a significant impact in my life. I started programming competitively, developed games, constructed web and mobile applications. I also started a personal blog. To showcase my achievements, I started applying my knowledge and built one product in each domain. To this day, I’m working on expanding my computing knowledge.

And I know I’m getting better at this.