Application Procedure

After you make a list of universities you’re applying to, make sure you have a credit card that can make international transactions (Debit cards are not accepted by many).

For each university you’re choosing, check the deadline for the program and the year you’re applying to, if its not passed, you will have to do the following from official ETS website:

  1. Sending your GRE score to the university (if you haven’t made use of the free score option in the GRE exam) = $27.
  2. Sending your TOEFL score to the university¬†(if you haven’t made use of the free score option in the TOEFL exam) = $20.

For each university you’re choosing, you have to search for their graduate application portal (Eg. Google for “Stanford Graduate Apply” and search for the “Apply Now” button). Create an account and upload whatever the application requires you to, such as:

  1. Basic details (Name, address, Passport number).
  2. SOP and LORs in PDF. The details (Name, phone and email ID) of the professors you chose for your recommendation has to be filled up and they will be mailed with the URL of the LOR upload page. The professors have to upload the LOR before the program’s deadline.
  3. Scanned official college transcripts (College transcript is a photocopy of your mark memos that has the college stamp and signature – you may have to contact your college authorities for this purpose) in PDF. Some colleges (like Arizona State University) will need you to mail them the hard copies instead of the scanned ones.
  4. Application fee that has to be paid after you upload your SOP and LORs = $25 – $100 (varies for each university). No changes to the application (EXCEPT deleting/updating your LOR professors) can be done once you pay this non-refundable fee.

There are scenarios where your documents may exceed the size limit imposed by the universities portals (PDF may not exceed 1MB in size) or you need to combine multiple documents (all college transcripts in one PDF or passport identity pages), then use these websites:

CompressPDF  CombinePDF

The application process will cost you approximately INR 10,000 x the no. of universities.

Eg. If you apply for 10 universities, you may have to spend about INR 1,00,000 (1 Lakh).

Your application portal will have a check-list and once, the application is shown “COMPLETE”, you have to wait for the program decision (the decision process may take more than 2 months). Many universities for Fall admissions have their deadlines from¬†December and rolls out decision by April of the following year.